How to be happy and loving in busy schedule?

Have you ever found yourself sink into a complaining mode during overwhelmingly busy period with tons of work waiting for you to clear? The mere thinking of the to do list, even worst with the due dates, just enough to make you crazy. Whatever you grasp it so tightly, works or family responsibilities, you just loose it from time to time, into fatigue, anger, complaint, anxiety, frustration, blame, judge, and the list go on…..

I want to share that scenario used to be my nightmare which was holding me back on taking more responsibilities to lead or to be bigger. One of the reasons is I am happy enough to be nobody, living in the present moment with less hectic schedule. However, today I am stepping out to teach meditation because of my heart prompting. I am getting busier and my balance is wavering right now.

I realize it is getting so out of alignment which I could not stop thinking about works and schedule when I was with my little girl. The awareness of living out of the present always knock me to reset myself. Furthermore, the biggest lesson for me is about Love. Instead of sinking into complaining and resenting mode after burning up all my energy working, I realize the secrets of unconditional love:

This is what I want to share with you:

1. Let go of all perceptions, simply focus on doing one thing at a time.

2. Let go of all judgements on others and yourself whether how you or others are doing.

3. Don’t jump ahead and think about the next piling up tasks while doing the task at hand. This is the reason of overwhelm.

4. Stay completely present to maintain calmness.

5. Stop buying into separation and focus on Oneness, this is where true love and freedom deal.

6. Always be grateful on little things and focus on the blessings, instead of complaining the lack.

7. Respect others and know everyone is doing the best they can at their own different levels of growth instead of judging them according to your values.

8. Let people know that you are busy.

9. Forgive yourself if you forget or miss something during hectic time. Forgive others if they complain about it.

During your busy schedule, hope this learning help you too.

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