Higher self Wisdom on Accepting every Moment

Dear Higher self,

I find myself sliding into my old paradigm which is tension starts to build up when I push myself toward things I tend to avoid like facing myself bare in creative endeavors.

At the same time, I found myself rejecting reality when I could not spend time doing what I love but rather fulfilling family commitments.

My mind often wander out of the present moment and think of what I desire to do rather than the actual reality.

Again, how could I cope with the reality I have which does not match with my desired reality?

Dear Ones,

We want to bring you the wisdom of Grounding in every moment. When you ground your energy and focus firmly in every single moment, you will have the strength and wisdom to make right decisions, for the right decisions follow by right actions, and right actions follow by right results. All the tiny results that you create from every single moment add up to your whole reality.

If you are not fully grounded or firmly live in every moment, in which your mind starts to wander away, you are resisting the reality. Whenever this happen, you struggle and you complaint.

Yes this is the signal to you that something has to be changed. You want to change your situation to your desired manifestation. You see it and you realize it. It does not match what you want. NOTED.

However, change comes from Acceptance. When you fully accept your reality. Your resistance melts away. Your struggle dissipated. You are happy with your reality even though it is not what you want to manifest.

The turning point happens here. When you get out of the way, change happens. How many times have you experienced the light at the end of the tunnel appear when you already given up waiting and expecting? You are moving forward with acceptance. You don’t care anymore cause you are happy with what you have in the here and now moment?

Accept where you are in your journey now. Accept how you feel in this moment, no matter if it is sad, happy, angry and so on. Just be with it and it is ok. Don't judge yourself. Don't analyze It. It does not mean you are passive when you accept your situation.

When you are in that accept and relax mode, you know what actions to take. YOU open the door for the universe to support you and bring in desired changes. You accept so that you allow.

You know it well dear ones. It is too hard for you to change your situation by yourself, alone. It must be something bigger than you. The only way is to let the bigger than you universe to do the job. 

Remember, happiness comes from Acceptance.

Lots of love and support from

Your higher self

​4 August 2015

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