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Imagine you are living like this:

You wake up everyday in the morning as a new beginning. You take some times to relax and fill yourself with abundance and Divine love. Slowly, you see light in your mind eyes and feel warmth. You start your day with inner bliss and gratitude. Then you visualize your loved ones surround with the same blessing and expand to the world then the universe.

You are not rushing to work for anybody. You are not worrying about anything. You take some times to tune into your inner higher self and ask for any guidance and wait for the inspirations. Yes! You get it and take the inspired actions with enthusiasm and passion. Then you simply follow the flow and watch miracles unfold. Being amazed by every synchronicity, you are living in awe. You see beauty everywhere and feel oneness in every living being.

You are financially prosperous and you are the boss. You work because you choose to and you work for your purpose. You feel fulfill for every task completion. You easily tear out cause you easily feel grateful because you appreciate everything. You are living in harmony with your loving family and community. Everyday you enjoy seeing your child smile and listen to your dearest partner, parents and friends.

You take care of your health by being aware. You strike to balance your life because you know that is important for keeping your well being. You put every effort to reduce waste and recycle cause you love the earth. You thrive in your endeavor! You are not afraid of challenges cause you can tap into your inner strength and you value self-growth. You become a Divine warrior in assisting earth ascension process.

This is much of the picture of my life now.

Of course, my life wasn’t like this before I started my consciousness shift and allowed my inner higher self to lead me. It is all about getting the messages, surrendering my controls and fears, taking inspired actions, changing my beliefs and habits, and following the flow. Faith has brought me here.

My mantra is:

What and why would I fear if I have the Universe and the invisible higher power to back me?

I know many of you are going through the Awakening process like I do. I am here to hold your hand and let you know: “You are not alone.”

I know the feeling of loosing friends suddenly, changing diet, wanting to quit current job, seeking for answers, becoming sensitive to others energy or even getting messages from higher vibrational beings.

I am here to help and inspire you. This is my mission.